Prominent Ear Correction

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General Advice for Before and After Prominent Ear Correction

  1. Two-three weeks prior to surgery take 1gm of vitamin C twice daily. If you are taking vitamin E stop taking this as it can cause bruising.
  2. Do not take Aspirin for 3 weeks before surgery. If you do have a headache take Paracetamol or Panadol.
  3. No alcohol of any kind for 5 days prior to and after surgery.
  4. Smoking should be stopped 2 weeks prior to surgery. It has been conclusively shown that smoking does increase the complication rate in cosmetic procedures considerably.
  5. It is wise to wash your hair before surgery, especially important for facial surgery.
  6. Arnica 30 tablets should be taken 3 days prior to surgery and a week following surgery. If it is difficult to obtain Arnica 30 then Arnica 6 will be fine. This is a very old homeopathic remedy and is excellent for the prevention of bruising and swelling. Bromelain tablets (which contains an enzyme in it derived from pineapple) will also help with the bruising and swelling this should be taken for the same period of time as Arnica. Both of these products are available from large chemists, homeopathic chemists or health shops.
  7. Do notify us of any underlying medical conditions that you may have. Medical histories are taken at your first consultation but this may be quite some time from your surgery, so let us know any recent problems that my have arisen in that time.
  8. Do not take valuables to the hospital with you, they do have a patient’s safe deposit box, but unless it is important for you to have it with you it is best to leave valuables at home.
  9. It is normal to feel a little nervous the night before surgery. Try and rest in the knowledge that we will be looking after you.
  10. You will arrive at the hospital where you will be admitted by the administrative and nursing staff and you will then see your Consultant Anaesthetist and myself.
  11. You will then be taken to the operating theatres for your surgery.
  12. After surgery you will wake up in the recovery room and will have dressing around your head and ears.
  13. It is important that you sleep in a reclined position, using a number of pillows, for the first nights after surgery as this reduces swelling.
  14. Following surgery do call the office immediately if you develop a temperature, notice excessive swelling, bruising, persistent vomiting or excessive pain.
  15. You will be closely reviewed in the immediate postoperative period to check your progress, change dressings and remove sutures.
  16. We are here to look after you, answer any questions you may have and reassure you if you have any concerns.