• NOMA Reconstruction in Ethiopia 2011

Neil Bulstrode has has again returned to Addis Ababa spending 2 weekscontinuing the work started last year with the charity Facing Africa to reconstruct the survivors of NOMA. These are patients who have been left with devastating functional and cosmetic defects to their faces due to the flesh and bone being eaten away by the infection. Over 60 patients were assessed and over 40 patients were operated on.

The work was covered last year by a Ben Fogel documentary- NOMA Make me a new face . The team are in the planning stages for next year’s surgical mission to continue the ongoing work.


 Facing Africa
    Total Nasal Reconstruction using cartilage from the rib and ear and coverage with a forehead rhinoplasty flap. The swelling will settle and the skin may be thinned during the next trip.

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