Ear Reconstruction

Neil Bulstrode has an international reputaiton for performing ear reconstruction surgery and is a Co-Founder and Secretary General of the International Society for Auricular Reconstruction ISAR.

Microtia is a congenital deformity that literally means "Little Ear" and occurs in around 1 in 8000 births for caucasian patients. This can also be part of a spectrum of deformities that include hemifacial microsomia where other parts of the face do not grow. He works in a large mult-disciplinary team to deliver the highest standard of coordinated care possible.

New ears are built by taking the patients rib cartilage which is carved in to a framwork and placed in a pocket underthe skin which is vacumed down so that it confirms to the contours of the framework.


News Articles regarding cases of ear reconstruction performed by Neil Bulstrode and Stem Cell Research

Ear Reconstruction

Ear Reconstruction

Stem Cells

Ear Reconstruction

Ear Reconstruction


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Patient 1

Left Ear Reconstruction using a carved rib framework

Patient 2

Bilateral ear reconstruction


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